When it comes to facial care, it is not always easy to know how to care for our face, what products to use, in what order and how should they be applied? Don’t panic! We have prepared an article for an easy and effective  facial skin care  routine.

Question that keeps coming up: how to establish a good skin care  routine and  what are the essential products?

Why talk about a face routine?

Consistency is what pays off in a beauty routine: by applying a daily routine  your skin is exfoliated, hydrated and renewed correctly. In doing so, you will avoid impurities, dehydrated  or even the early signs of aging.

First step: Cleansing

Use a suitable cleanser for your age and skin type. A teenager with oily/acne skin  will have a different need than of a  woman with mature  skin. It helps to remove the  impurities and keep the skin  clean. At NovaCorps clinics we  will evaluate your needs and choose the appropriate cleanser for you.

Pro tip: Cleansing wipes are handy, but do not clean thoroughly. Make sure to clean properly after removing excess make-up with the wipe

Even if the only thing you put on your face is a moisturizer, whether you are applying makeup or not, it is always important to cleanse the skin at the end of each day  to remove dust  that might have been accumulated  during the day.

Step 2: Exfoliation 1 or 2 times a week

This step is not to be done every day.if you are over exfoliating your skin will give you signs like irritation or excessive dryness.Listen to your skin.Stop for a few days and ressume again.

Step Three: Lotion

The lotion will   remove any impurities left on the skin even after using your cleanser. It  will help in preparing the skin for the next application of cream  .

Fourth step: Serum

The serum! Always oriented towards the specific problem that we want to regulate, it is the Rolls-Royce of  skin care. Applied before the day or night cream, it works as a complementary step  with the latter.

Fifth step: Eye cream

Eye contour cream is best for a problematic skin like dark circles and fine lines from dehydration.

Applying  an eye contour cream as early as the age of 25 can help prevent the signs of ageing.

Step Six: Day and / or Night Cream

Yes, I know it’s long when you read the article but once in front of your mirror, I assure you that it goes much faster. The day / night cream is there to some extent to seal the hydration, keeping all the previous layers in place. Its usefulness is therefore paramount!

Seventh and final stage: the SPF

It is not because you do not expose yourself directly to the sun that an index of protection is too much, on the contrary! To protect oneself from the sun, with an index between 30 and 50 is a good effort to counter the the sun’s harmful effects on the skin.

NovaCorps invites you to come for a free consultation to guide you to what best suit your needs. Each service is personalized both in our care and in our customizable packages.


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