Recommended number of sessions



60 minutes

Etymologically originated from the word “to peel” meaning to remove the skin of fruit or vegetables, this technique consist in exfoliating different layers of facial skin depending on the dosage and concentration.

Peeling helps your skin regaining the glow of youth by improving its texture, closing pores, and diminishing superficial acne scars. It also treats melasma (chloasma/ pregnancy mask).

Thanks to the peelings, you can put an end to dull complexion, brown spots and blackheads. It’s no longer a secret: sun exposure, smoking, hormonal changes and ageing all cause, over the years, some unwanted reactions to the skin like a dull complexion, open pores, wrinkles, brown or age spots, blackheads (acne, pimples).

Medical peelings are formulated to promote progressive and long-term results. The occurrence of a light burning sensation and of dryness of the skin may be the observable consequences of a peeling treatment.

Novacorps Clinics offer you two types of peeling of different concentration, from 20% to 40% for more in-depth peeling:

  • BHA Peeling BHA (salicylic acid)
  • AHA Peeling AHA (glycolic acid)

The procedure is offered as a treatment and the best peeling results will be obtained after 4 to 6 sessions. It is also recommended during seasons changing.


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